Soft Palate Seal Failure with CPAP

While reviewing my weekly OSCAR sleep data, I can across a nice example of my Soft Palate seal failing while under CPAP therapy. So I created a video to share.

Want to watch me sleep? As I previously explained on, I think that the soft palate seal is critical to effective CPAP therapy. Also, a natural soft palate seal may be characteristic of people how easily take to CPAP therapy.

In this video, you can see first hand what soft palate seal failure looks like. I coordinate my OSCAR data with camera recording of my face while sleeping. You get to see my cheeks puff out. Also, you see this failure without any movement in my chin, indicating that "chin drop" is NOT involved with this failure. Therefore, I will not be purchasing a chin strap as I continue to figure out how to sleep better.

No answers here, but some really good example of what is happening for at least one person trying to get CPAP therapy to work.